Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fotegrafik - The East Conquest

Welcome Asian Style

Fotegrafik is a relatively young microstock agency because they operate in this market since July 2007 but is building the world’s largest and most comprehensive library of commercial and editorial images of Asian topics and interests. So Fotegrafik is preferably oriented towards the growing asian economy and this give them a great profit margin. On the other hand, asian oriented doesn’t mean asian exclusive! A great capture is a great capture, so don’t be shy and upload your best shots because also asian people can recognize a great photo!

Being still in the startup phase the website is rapidly becoming the platform of choice for many sales of the best photographers and rising stars in the field. The database is not so large and many topics and subjects are not yet well covered then some discarded images by other stock agencies are most likely accepted by Fotegrafik.

How it works

1. Registration - Fill in the registration form and accept the contributor agreement.

2. Activation - Click on the link found in your confirmation email, this will activate your account.

3. Audition - Upload 5 (or more) of your images that showcase your work, we will then review the images and confirm your registration.

4. Upload and Manage – You are then able to begin uploading images, add captions and keywords, add release forms and apply licenses.

5. Review process – When the images are ready, our editors would review them for quality control and may add additional keywords.

6. Sell – Your images are then ready for sale. While we do the work of selling your images, you can track your revenues and performance statistics, while submitting more and more content.

Once uploaded you can control which one of your images is on sale and which one is not. You can either freeze the image from being offered to customers, or you can completely delete it from the system. In both case, you have to give Fotegrafik an advance notice of 180 days, since the process of reviewing, storing and keywording your image is costly, and we would like to be given a chance to sell it.

Selling & Pricing

Payments are processed once a month, and are made at your request, by filling a short online form in your account pages on the website and as long as your account balance (net of Fotegrafik’s commissions) is above US $200. You may request various payment methods (e.g. Cheque / Wire transfer / Paypal) but the banking administration charges would be charged to your account and deducted from your net balance.
Please review the contract for the full terms and conditions before selling your images on Fotegrafik’s website.

Prices for images are based on market standards. As Fotegrafik is a premium provider of quality stock photography, typically our prices average more than several hundred US dollars, although wide variations can occur. Rights Managed images have a calculator that will adjust the price for each individual sale, depending on the intended usage of the image, while Royalty Free image prices are based on the size. You are able to view the standard prices on your account pages on the website, but the final sale prices may vary depending on the discount rates and agreements with our customers.

You, as a contributor would earn between 50-70% of the sale. We strongly believe in long-term relationships, sharing the success and paying more to high performing contributors, which is the basis of our commission bonus scheme:

  1. New contributor accounts begin with a revenue share rate of 50% on revenues.
  2. An additional bonus of 1% would be automatically given to new sales for every 30 photos that you uploaded (and were accepted) up to a total bonus of 10% (for 300 photos).
  3. Example: If you keep a portfolio of 180 photos you would earn an additional 6%.
  4. A bonus of 1% would be given to your share automatically for every US$2,000 of sales, up to a total bonus of 5%. The more you sell the more you get paid.
  5. An additional bonus of 5% would be given to contributors by promoting your images by becoming your own sales agent. Fotegrafik will provide you with a special URL that you could use as a link in your website / email signature / blog… this URL would link back to your portfolio on Fotegrafik website. In the event that a customer completes a purchase which originated from your link – you would be credited with a bonus of 5% from that sale.

Eventually, dedicated photographers with good sales and good-sized portfolio would earn up to 70% of the sales. A RF (Royalty Free) image is usually sold at about $ 80, while a licensed RM (Royalty Managed) image varies according with the usage that the customer will do with it: generally it starts from a minimum of $ 100, and get over $ 1000.

My personal impressions

I joined Fotegrafik since some weeks ago so sincerely I still can’t produce a checked and reviewed opinion (I will inform if significant changes will occur). Certainly I can assure the gear of uploading and reviewing the images is working without problems, the internal search engine is equally operating, but in this moment I had some visits and no sell. Maybe in my uploading selection I didn’t meet the asian tastes or maybe I better wait more to get the first sell, anyway it’s an amazing challenge that a stock photo contributor should take! The rewards look very attractive so why not!


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